Jewelery Carlo Regina San Severo Puglia precious stones

since 1990.



Our history

In 1990 Carlo Regina began the goldsmith business thanks to his boundless passion for precious stones; passion cultivated over time that has allowed him to immediately offer in-depth competence and professionalism in the processing of every type of precious stone and metal.

Over the years the jewelry has expanded, making available to customers not only products made directly by the expert hands of the master goldsmith Carlo Regina, but also the most renowned brands in the sector of precious metals, silverware and watches, thus becoming over time a real point of reference in the sector, in the city of San Severo and in the entire province of Foggia.

The owner and the staff, qualified and highly professional, made up of three collaborators, Pina, Adarita and Michele, are always at the customer's disposal, with that courtesy, competence and seriousness that make jewelry a welcoming place in which to feel at ease and have any kind of information and advice for satisfactory choices and up to your expectations. A modus operandi that also sees the collaboration of the owner's son, Stefano Regina, to whom the love and passion for this work have been handed down.

A serious, prepared, punctual, helpful, courteous team, ready to find the right solution to customer requests through the wide range of products handled and the possibility of offering multiple services, from repairing jewels to their creation, to casting, etc. , using state-of-the-art tools, such as the laser welding machine that allows you to melt any type of metal.

The "Carlo Regina" jewelry still remains today a cornerstone in its reference sector: located in one of the main streets of the city of San Severo, it continues to offer its customers timely and unique services, as well as a wide selection of brands known in the international market , in order to meet and satisfy any type of request in the best possible way, with a view to tradition, but in step with the times.

Our history


We forge precious
since 1990

Jewels have always been the symbol of emotions, feelings and memories, of something potentially eternal that accompanies a person throughout his life. They have a hidden language that can express love, passion, friendship, union, everything we want to communicate to our loved ones. Forging precious means to immerse oneself in these feelings, emotions, memories and make sure that that hidden language comes to light. Since 1990 Carlo Regina has been making precious items that are a reflection of what a person has in his heart. The jewels he created are a concrete expression of being and feeling, specially forged to tell a story.


The biography of the
Goldsmith Master.

Carlo Regina, after having obtained the diploma of technical and technical expert of renewable energy, decides to devote himself to his greatest passion: processing and realization of precious . Therefore, he studied and obtained the diploma of Master Goldsmith and from that moment on he did nothing but improve to make his goldsmith laboratory activity more and more competitive and professional. In fact, he specializes in precious stones cutter and "Igi" Antwerp diamond analyst, and, even today, he carries out his activity as a jeweler with dedication, giving life to unique and inimitable creations that stop time and the emotions associated with those moments.







Our brands

Carlo Regina jewelry offers its customers the collections of the best brands of jewelry, bijoux and silver, silverware and watches. Collections of excellent quality to satisfy any type of need. Consult the section to find out about all the brands we deal with.

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